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Wine tasting near Seattle or Woodinville has never been easier.

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Lunch generally starts between 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM.
Restaurant, wineries, and their visiting order may vary.
Click HERE to view the tentative winery and restaurant rotation.


Hollywood Artisan Boutique Experience

From $139/passenger
All-inclusive:  Lunch, 3 tastings, taxes, and fees.

Start with lunch* at one of our partner restaurants followed by tastings at three (3) boutique wineries. Go to the most popular and fast growing Woodinville Wine Districts or Seattle Urban tasting rooms.  Lunch, food service gratuity, all boutique tastings, taxes, and fees included.  Driver Gratuity not included.

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Save +15% when compared to booking 12 guests at regular price.

Private or Full Shuttle Experience

Up to 12 Guests for $1,395
All-inclusive:  Lunch, 3 tastings, taxes, and fees.

Enjoy your Woodinville/Seattle experience with up to 11 of your friends at a discount from our share-ride list price.

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Customized Private Tour

From $199/guest

Choose from our winery and restaurant partners to design your own tour!  Min. 8, max 24.  All guests must be 21 or older.  Meal, food service gratuity, all boutique tastings, taxes, and fees included.  Driver gratuity not included.

Pick up window usually between 9:15am and 10:30am.  Departing times and trip duration will vary depending on your pick up address, traffic, and group dynamics.  Trip duration generally between 5 and 6 hours.  Many pick up locations in Seattle.  We also pick up anywhere within 30 minutes driving time to Woodinville, WA*. 

*A $50 fee per group may apply if beyond this driving time.